HUBLOT BIG BANG CALAVERAS skull replica watches


HUBLOT BIG BANG BRODERIE: fusion of female art

successful mega-result Big Bang Broderie collection Last year, the HUBLOT Big Bang was now Broderie Sugar Skull 41mm and 41mm Big Broken Broderie.


The magic is combining the extreme feminine charm of St Gallen silk embroidery in Zurich with the highest tabulation techniques. This is an innovative combination of a technological feat that includes not only this Swiss craft on a scalable and superficial but also "carbonized" box formed in carbon fiber. Years of research and development, in support of this new concept, has become an accomplice to an independent woman of great style and freedom.

The Big Bang Broderie series bridges the two masters degrees in Swiss culture: Haute Horlogerie and embroidery traditions. Therefore, Hublot has experienced all the creative possibilities, indicating that there is no limit to the imagination.

Hublot achieved such a constant, that the two universes in a dialogue, the enthusiasm for anomalies is precisely guided.

Big Bang has the undoubted charm. The first Big Bang Broderie won the Best Woman's Watch at the 2015 Relojería Grand Prix.


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Big Bang Broderie's wardrobe is decorated with ceramics, steel and gold:

Big Bang Broderie Sugar Skull, 41 MM is Turquoise, Ocean, Light Pink, Mauve, Yellow, Orange or Violet ... All models illuminated with silver or gold lurex threads. The skull motif on the dial is highlighted by 12 red spines, while the arabesques of the bracelets show an unparalleled combination of colors. There are 12 gems on the dial: red spinels in ceramics, pink sapphires in steel and blue sapphires in red gold.

Case made of black embroidery ceramic, set with 36 red spinels. 36 inlaid pink sapphires or red gold with 36 blue sapphires. All versions include 6 screws to H-Polished and blocked, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective HUB1110, mechanical self-winding movement, ca. 42 hours, black rubber and embroidered sugar skull color on satin.

Big Bang Broderie, 41 MM

Embroidered in black or silver lurex, and placed in a shining silk-lined delicate lingerie tuned to luxurious body. The idea is to extend the sphere of contact on the border reasons, and contrary to the elegant rules. The thickness of the dial is particularly small, in order to prevent contact with the needle and embroidery patterns. On the basis of carbon fiber, a veil made of a special fabric laminated on a transparent resin impregnated with a veil is compressed to the maximum extent, and the embroidery gives the pattern an amazing magnifying effect and a sense of depth. Sublimation through this optical effect, the ball attracted the appearance. This section of steel wire and carbon fiber and embroidered silk organza combined with six polished plug H-shaped screws,swiss replica watches for men

Hublot Big Bang sugar skull blue cobalt

The male declination of the big bang sugar skull is a cobalt blue inserted black chronograph. It is equipped with a Mexican skull dial and satin exquisite black applique, blue glow. The movement is the self-winding HUB4214 movement, which can drive hours, minutes and seconds features, calendar and chronograph, and 42 hours of power reserve. Black micro-ceramic solid condition protection mechanism. Blue rubber and black calf leather belt, black splicing, stamp Mexican skull, outlines the charm of this watch.



Richard RM 70-01 Tourbillon ALAIN PROST

Alain Prost is an artist in the field of speed, just as Richard Mille is a timing artist. The partnership between the brand and the four-time Formula 1 World Champion is a co-founder of the Renault Electronics team, based on an unswerving loyalty. This time, inspired by the common interest in cycling. Just as research and development have an important role in the aerospace and automotive industries, bicycles continue to evolve from a technical perspective. As for their common object of labor? This will be the new RM70-01 caliber tourbillon, with an odometer never seen before.

After extensive discussions with Alain Prost and other cyclists, Richard Mille realizes that many of them find it hard to tell how many kilometers they've rode since the start of the season. The RM 70-01's unprecedented totalizer compensates for this flaw by simply showing the total distance traveled. The 2 o'clock pusher can select any of the five rollers of the odometer and its reading is visible in the titanium window. Once you select a drum, press the pusher at 10 o'clock to advance the drum. The only user's effort is to add the day's distance to the previous sum.price Audemars Piguet Royal Oak replica watches


However, the mechanism itself is much more complex. The first promoter activates to select a roller, one of five. Execution is confirmed by the perfect alignment of the two yellow arrows. The second push rod gradually rotating wheel, due to the carrying mechanism, the wheel will automatically block. In order to avoid accidental operation, the complexity has been placed in a neutral position (N). Due to the function of the snap-lock, the select forks align in a straight line and the 2 o'clock arrow points to the N for the visual confirmation of the mechanical lock.

The hand-wound tourbillon movement is equipped with a 70-hour power reserve. Powered by a planetary differential and visible at 5 o'clock, this hand-wound tourbillon movement uses a 5-gauge titanium base and bridge. The extreme hardness of titanium allows caliber to easily withstand the roughest path. Embellished to the riding area abound, from the fixed bridge of titanium hex screws to the cylindrical ratchet, recalling the design of forged spokes, not to mention the tourbillon cage and crown, evoking a bicycle pedal.


Perfect sport has a huge, almost vertical depth. Its vertical structure (barrel and tourbillon along a single axis) and compact dimensions are all essential as the odometer occupies much space in the car. And this is a what kind of situation! Carbon TPT® is the perfect blend of wine barrels, rectangles and asymmetric shapes. Stretch and bend, its unique lines not only ensure the most comfortable feeling when worn on the right wrist, but also readability when holding the bicycle handlebar has also been optimized. Like Richard Mille, functionality determines the form.replica PATEK PHILIPPE 175th Commemorative watches


In order to fully enjoy the dynamic and mechanical qualities of the RM 70-01, each buyer will receive their own customized road cycling gift. Developed by Alain Prost and Richard Mille in collaboration with the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer Colnago, these individually numbered bikes are hand-made and are painted in a watch-brand color.

I like to ride a bike since I was a kid. In fact, I might sit on every road in the French Vaucluse district where I was born. For the past ten years, thanks in large part to my friend Alain Prost, I have also been a fan of cycling, focusing on the tremendous advances in this discipline.

Of course, this revolution in sports equipment caught my attention: the introduction of composite materials, lightweight materials, gear components, transmission performance improvements and so on. As a fan of technology and innovation, I am happy to enjoy many of the subtleties involved. And we must not forget the competitive spirit that is essential for cycling, which requires efficiency, performance and rationalization. Between high-level watches and bicycles, both disciplines have evolved in a remarkable way, giving rise to thoughtful consideration, followed by a particularly inspired replica BREITLING AVENGER SUPER AVENGER 01 watch


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