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Everyone has seen that group of handsomely decked out men attending the groom on his wedding day. The reason for having so many has origins set deep in the past.
When families would often have feuds over land , women and some kind of family dispute, many of the groom?s friends were needed to protect him and his intended on the wedding day. Sometimes, these ?wars? started so far back that no one could remember why they were fighting. Nevertheless, since the warring factions were not going to retreat, men would be needed to keep the peace. This was particularly true when a member of the dueling clans met and fell in love. Both families would be opposed to crossing this unseen boundary but love would prevail of course.
When this occurred, the offended family would go all out to stop the wedding ? even both families could try to do this ? so the groom gathered up his gang of close friends to defend the couple until the deed was done. After that , of course, it was too late since divorce was not common in those days. This very often led to the settling of disputes and families cooling down to the point where the feud was all but forgotten.
These days, groomsmen take on some smaller duties, no swords needed normally! Making sure the groom gets to the church or venue on time, trying to ensure not too much alcohol is imbibed etc, and generally making the groom nervous! For this duty , and it really is an honor to be asked to be a groomsman, the bride and groom normally give out a gift to each of them in gratitude for their company on the big day.
For those single ladies attending the wedding, groomsmen are normally expected to keep them company and make sure that they have someone to dance with. Taking care of the guests is probably their main duty and most take it with good humor. Ushers tend to be those who seat the guests in the church or venue and after that, their duties are usually finished.
There are other attendants of course which include the bridesmaids who take care of the bride. These were normally expected to dress identically to the bride to confuse any wrong doers at the wedding. Imagine that feuding family sending braggarts to stop the wedding, and them being confronted by eight identical ?brides?. For sure they would be confused and unable to say which one was supposed to be the bride which is what was intended. These days, of course , bridesmaids wear a different color to the bride since no one would expect that kind of interruption.
So what is it that the happy couple can give their groomsmen to say thank you for the day? Groomsmen?s gifts are available in many guises. It used to be traditional to give them cufflinks in gold or silver. These are still very acceptable but they do tend to have a modern twist these days. Engraving the groomsman?s gift makes it very special. Also, cufflinks come in so many styles and the choice is really down to the lifestyle of the intended recipients. Famous and favorite sports clubs badges, surf board shapes, indeed anything that is peculiar to the recipient is fine. Indeed, it shows that the gift was thought about beforehand and not just bought as a job lot.
For an added twist to the usual cufflinks gift, some now come with a full set of button studs for dress shirts. These removable little studs look superb , against a crisp white shirt, being worn for a very special dinner function. They can be made with very beautiful diamonds but, naturally, these may prove to be a little beyond most people?s pockets so substitute crystals or silver and gold. Any are acceptable and are quite unique.
For the high flying go-getters, anything to do with being a young executive and his lifestyle is very much agreeable to the groomsman. Desk top paraphernalia, perhaps in clean cut crystal or stainless steel , fits the bill perfectly. These groomsmen?s gifts can be personalized with a short message from the bride and groom or the initials of the recipient.
Some young men, conscious of starting up their own homes or adding to them, would really appreciate a set of fine crystal glasses to use when entertaining. More men are starting to appreciate these kinds of groomsmen's gifts since they also entertain at home, even if they are single, but add in a case of fine wines and this would really hit the spot.
Most young men these days, particularly those whose careers are on the way up , take care of their skin and hair much better than in the past. It would not be untoward to gift each groomsman a superb gift basket filled with all the exotic oils, face masques, massage manuals and other beauty goods made with men in mind. To make this kind of gift even more special, add a weekend for two at a getaway retreat so that he, and his invited guest, can go off and get pampered from head to toe. What a wonderful way to say thanks to him , and to let him be taken care of after the strains of the weeks before and during the wedding itself. If this group of men are close friends, maybe they could all go off together for a golfing weekend, courtesy of the bride and groom of course. Since golf seems to be the sport where everyone makes great connections through networking, this would seem to be a very appropriate gift.
Groomsmen?s gifts are also available in all kinds of golfing styles too. Pen holders for the desk come with club and tee style pens. Even miniature golf carts are available and some have clocks, and plaques for personalization, to be shown off in the office or on the credenza at home. Whatever sport they follow , groomsmen?s gifts are available with these sports in mind.

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