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We're days through Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins and, in celebration, EA Sports has redesigned their Madden NFL  page, and added new draft blog from former  USC quarterback Matt Leinart. I must say I'm somewhat disappointed with Matty's first entry. Consider this sample:It's been pretty crazy  and pretty hectic with regards for that anticipation and anxiety leading around this draft. It's been fun, many experts have long,  this continues to be hard -- I've lost numerous sleep traveling everywhere, but I happy by what's about to take place.

C'mon Matt, shake yourself. You call that this blog? You can do a lot better than that, man. Don't you be aware that noone really cares  simply simply how much sleep you are losing, or how nervous you are about in that you simply'll devote Saturday's draft. We simply couldn't  care less. Instead, we would like the good stuff--like exactly what absolutely was like living one last few years in Los Angeles and being arguably  one from the most recognizable sports figure from the city.
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