The biggest drawback to the brutality we’ve seen from Mafia City

Is it okay for art to make me bored, though? Because the biggest drawback to the brutality we’ve seen from Mafia City so far is how familiar and tedious it all is. It’s every action mafia mmorpg that thinks the only way to “comment” on our relationship with violence is to depict it in extreme detail, and it’s not far removed from every action game that just thinks it’s cool to splash gore across the screen. It’s every zombie movie or TV show we’ve seen over the last decade or two, with the fake blood budget of an old slasher film and the strained seriousness of prestige TV. It’s a game by smart, talented creators who seem less interested in challenging their audience than in indulging in the violence that is apparently expected from this medium, and that becomes ever more graphic and realistic as technology improves.


The E3 footage at least shows the kind of personal relationships that gave the first game (which was also extremely violent) a level of depth rarely found in big budget blockbusters. It includes a character we know and care about in Ellie, and provides us a glimpse of how she’s grown in the years since we met her. Highlighting her kiss with Dina during the game’s big E3 demonstration takes a certain amount of confidence, but it would’ve taken even more confidence to not immediately follow that tenderness with savage displays of violence.Instant play mafia online now!


“I think one of the things that the first game did so well is build a grounded universe,” Gross told me at E3. “And so it would be silly to shy away from it now. It is a hostile universe that they live in. These are people who are suffering, who are dying, and we should respect that.”
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