Gain Additional Abilities For The Remainder Of The Mafia City H5 Game

The dice allow players to gain resources—goods, lira or bonus cards—and can be rerolled if the player has a crystal to discard. Each player rolls five identical dice, which have four sides showing a goods type, one showing two lira, and one showing a bonus card. You can then take two actions based on the dice and whatever else you might have. For example, mafia mmorpg if you roll the same goods color on two dice, you can then take one such goods token from the supply; if you roll three different goods, you can take a brown token; if you roll all four goods types, you can take any two tokens of your choice. Each die showing lira is worth two coins if you choose to use it. You can draw as many bonus cards as you have dice showing that symbol, but you can only pick one of the ones you draw and then play it; all bonus cards offer you some benefit, and some cards then offer other players a related but lesser benefit.

The other actions involve getting stuff from the board. You can obtain rubies in the ways I mentioned above, combining dice showing goods and goods tokens from your supply as needed. You can also buy mosque tiles for three or four goods, and thus gain additional abilities for the remainder of the game, some of which are very powerful, like the tile granting you an extra die every time you roll. Other tiles give you a benefit at the start of each turn—more lira, a third action, a crystal, a free bonus card—or a specific good every time you use the “take lira” action from your dice.

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