MMOAH Digimon Masters Online Dictionary - War Greymon

Basic information

Level: Ultimate
Specie: Dragon
Attribute: Vaccine
Adaptation area: DR, ME, VB
First debut: Digimon Pendulum 5.0: Metal Empire

Nirvana: Gaia Force

Setting data:
The most powerful dragon warrior wearing the super metal armor forged by "Time Digital Alloy", the ultimate form of the tyrannosaurus beast code. Different from the huge body shape of perfect tyrannosaurus digimon, he possesses the form of human beings, so the speed and strength are significantly improved, and will not be defeated by the Digimon Masters Online Currency attack of the perfect digimon. The "Dramon Killer" equipped with both arms can exert great power on the dragon digimon, but it also poses danger to itself. In addition, the outer shell of the back equipment will be integrated into one, which will become the strongest shield "Brave Shield". It is said that among the strong men of the war, when the real brave man realizes his mission, he will evolve into a War Greymon. Nirvana is to concentrate all the energy present in the atmosphere at one point, and to release the ultra-high-density high-heat energy bomb "Gaya Force".

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