Also called Gothic Quarter


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  • Also called Gothic Quarter, the monument has ancient but beautiful buildings which are arranged in a magnificent maze.

    Arc Del Triomf

    This arch monument represents the famous ancient Rome archway and it is made of red bricks. In the neighborhood you will also catch a glimpse of the ruins of Roman Empire as well as the Catalan government headquarters called Palau de la Generalitat.

    Monument a Colon

    This monument, also known as Monument of Christopher Columbus is situated in the Old City of Barcelona. Apart from the museums, Barcelona also has monuments that attract a lot of tourists. The area upon which the quarter lies is said to be the most popular among all tourist districts. There are designs of conqurers of Moors in Mallorca back in 1229 AD giving a lot of value and attraction. Its cities are just as wonderful with each city having something to offer to tourists as well as the locals. The statue stands upon the area where it is believed Chrisopher Columbus the explorer first disembarked his ship <a href="">moving walk</a> to step on the Spanish soil. It is 200 feet high and sits on the edges of La Rambla Avenue. There is a museum that has statues and trophies as well as photos of all famous football stars and football fans will find this quite remarkable.

    Torre de Collserola

    This tower was put up in 1992 mainly to host the Olympic Games. It is found between the Passeing de Sant Joan and Passeig de Lluis streets. There is a deck on top of the famous monument that is mainly for observation and from here you will have great views of the sea and city. The fame could be because of the famous football club that uses the same name and therefore its needless to say that there is something available for football fans here. You will have lots of fun here and you need not worry about food since the restaurant will cater for your needs.

    Barcelona is one of Spains famous cities. The tower has a restaurant and a deck for observation and also contains some of the best architectural designs in the city. You can reach the deck area via elevators which are at the harbors entrance.Spain being the second most visited country in the world is definitely a place visitors should consider when choosing their trip of vacation destinations

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