Are you among the many others

Are you among the many others


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  • Are you among the many others who hear of Sonoma County and immediately conjure up elegant images of clinking wine glasses? Do your nostrils begin to twitch in anticipation of intoxicating aromas? Does your mouth start salivating with eagerness to receive scrumptious beverages when Sonoma County is mentioned merely in passing? Is Sonoma County synonymous with California's wine country in your mind's eye? Well [url=]Authentic Nikola Jokic Jersey[/url] , you are not wrong by any stretch of the imagination but you are not exactly correct either. If you allow me some time, I will be happy to widen your perspective about Sonoma County and I promise to be as brief as I possibly can.

    Yes, you are absolutely right; Sonoma County is all about wine, all kinds of wine. As a matter of fact, Sonoma County is more about wine than it is about anything else. However, one must not overlook its many other aspects which are so readily available to all its residents as well as to those visiting the area on their vacations, on business or are simply passing through on their way to elsewhere.

    Without further ado, here is the multifaceted Sonoma County which can also serve as your travel guide if you ever decide to visit and want to know what to see and what to do there:

    1. Sonoma Coast State Beach is a seventeen mile stretch of scenic land along the Pacific Ocean owned by the State of California. It consists of several named beaches such as Arched Rock Beach, Gleason Beach and Goat Rock Beach. Sonoma Coast State Beach features fine sand and dramatic vertical rock formations.

    2. Lake Sonoma is a manmade lake that was formed by the construction of the Warm Springs Dam and is located in northern Sonoma County. With fifty miles of shoreline and 2,700 acres of surface area, this tranquil lake provides water for agricultural irrigation, for industrial uses and for year-round recreation.

    3. Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve is an 805-acre California state park densely populated with majestic Sequoias and offers visitors self-guided nature trails, an outdoor amphitheater and well maintained picnic facilities.

    4. Jack London National State Park is also known as the Jack London Home and Ranch and is a National Historic Landmark to be found on the east side of Sonoma Mountain surrounding the property which belonged to Jack London (a well known American author between 1876 to 1916). The burnt remains of his home, the Wolf House, are still visible in the park.

    5. Gold Ridge Experiment Farm is what remained of the farm purchased by Luther Burbank in 1885 to perform his astounding feats as an American botanist, horticulturist and an agricultural scientist who developed eight hundred varieties of fruits, flowers, grains, grasses and vegetables.

    6. Fort Ross was as a Russian settlement in the early 1800s and has since been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The Rotchev House which served as the official residence of the settlement's Commander still stands unharmed but the rest of the structures on the site have been reconstructed with the help of Russian architects.

    7. Sonoma County is also abundant with elegant hotels, modern shopping malls, lush golf courses, wide range of restaurants and eateries, theaters, night clubs, spas and, of course, wineries.
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