MLB The Show 19 comprises more scenario-specific

MLB The Show 19 comprises more scenario-specific


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  • There are definitely moments of overlapping dialogue, but the commentary never quite captures the fluid cadence of a real broadcast. I have already heard some repeated and inaccurate lines in only a few days of play -- I was praised for carrying a pitch which I certainly swung at. That said, I really do appreciate that MLB The Show 19 comprises more scenario-specific references to past performance and stats.

    But outside of these important but minute gameplay varies, I discovered the total package to be a bit disappointing. There are not many significant modifications to MLB The Show 19's main ways: Franchise, Diamond Dynasty, and Road to the Display. The mainstays of Season and Online Franchise modes are simply gone.

    Franchise mode is almost static, using the most noticeable upgrade being a redesign of this menu system. Seasons are broken into"stages," that help streamline the tasks associated with conducting an MLB organization. I can not really complain about these menus, since they're much easier to navigate than in preceding years. But I am disappointed that this manner -- after my favorite -- hasn't seen any significant updates in the past few years. You may just play the identical thing so many times before it becomes older.

    Sony also touts a better AI in Franchise which more capably handles lineup and rotations. I did see benchings and promotions based on performance -- a clear move it's never managed to create before. Obviously, left alone, the AI did create some rather questionable roster moves while simming my franchise, some of which led to the dismantling of the young core of the Phillies group, including Hoskins, in favor of several pricey veterans.

    Another subtle touches include audience size which noticeably fluctuates depending on real-life factors, such as day of the week along with win/loss record. And there are some wonderful weather effects that are tied to game dates and locations. However, these improvements light in comparison to newer features that have become standard in sport franchise modes. In MLB The Show 19, you can not produce a new team or relocate existing ones.

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