I must travel afar and get started building my Hunter

I must travel afar and get started building my Hunter


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  • Downloading the dedicated client for Old School Runescape (I was shocked to learn you're also needed to download software to perform this iteration of Runescape), made my jaw drop. Old School Runescape came around when Jagex asked the community if the developer should start a backup copy of the match from 2007 and place it on a different development branch. I'm so thankful the community agreed, because this is exactly what I was cravings.

    The graphics remain the same, although the UI has been improved. The best part of Old School Runescape is the development process. The group shoots out surveys to find out what players want to be added to the game, and ideas need 75 percent acceptance to be selected.

    This is a great way of doing things and guarantees that gamers are able to mold the game to the MMORPG they desire.

    If you have been holding off revisiting the game, or have yet to try it out, I strongly suggest that you do so -- just remember Old School Runescape, which will be for those who seek a more timeless experience.Now, if you'll excuse me, I must travel afar and get started building my Hunter to make some significant cash.

    How a lot of Reddit memes became the best armor in Runescape

    Old School Runescape, the antiquated version of Runescape that still looks and plays like the game I snapped innumerable hours in to when I actually should've been studying, is obtaining a raid. A good raid requires good rewards, so when the Theatre of Blood was announced late last year, players were not able to find out what clearing the multi-man challenge would make them. Jagex reacted with Justicar armor, a new best-in-slot armor set (above). There was one small problem: players absolutely hated it.

    They memed on it so tough that Jagex is now totally altering the armor's design. Virtually all of Old School Runescape's upgrades undergo participant polls, but that is the first time that the suit of armor has been forged in a passion of memes.

    The irony is that while players hated the'final' armor revealed earlier this year, they loved the prototypes shown when the raid was declared. Originally, the Justicar armor was part of a trio of new armor sets, West tells me, but since the Theatre of Blood went from obscure concept to actual content, the armor changed with it. Players said there was sufficient DPS equipment but insufficient tank gear, so it had been narrowed down to just 1 armor set. And when they were only going to use one set, Jagex figured they might also make a new one based on the armor worn by the raid's huge poor.

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