Always head to the left as that's where the final

Always head to the left as that's where the final


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  • After a couple frustrating efforts in the train and beating Shao, I've come up with a way to kill her for Zero that should result in Maplestory M Mesos for sale no death (it did for me, twice in a row,) and a few(somewhat obvious, but still potentially helpful)tips for penalizing the train. Most of the relies on the skill "Time Holding" so if you are too low to have that skill, this may not be as useful, but you still might find a couple hints.

    Always head to the left as that's where the final car is and the explosions you need to escape from beginning on the right side. Stay on top for so much as possible as there's less things to block you and allow the explosions to grab up to you.When you need to head down, simply jump close to the edge of the top of a car and you ought to get within the next one.Don't kill any of these monsters, just press your potions and walk beyond them.Make sure you have your "Rewind" on in the event that you're high enough to have it. If you make a mistake along with the explosions have been in opinion, use "Time Holding" and attempt to get as far ahead of them as possible.

    After the fight starts, attack her until she teleports. (She can teleport in front of you, occasionally, so in the event that you own "Rewind" I do recommend having it on, just in case.) If she teleports, instantly press double up-arrow onto one of those (apparent, no enemies on it) above platforms. That is when you know that there's no longer any leaf bugs right down below. (The foliage bugs will kill you inside one strike.) Jump down and keep attacking. Repeat this till she starts spawning her giant flame spell.

    When she starts spawning her giant fire spell, immediately press "Time Holding" and press on twice up-arrow to get on top of one of the higher platforms, like before. Wait till it finishes, and leap back down. Repeat the first four (4) steps Maplestory 2 Mesos until she's dead. I hope this can be useful to anybody stuck on Shao. I could not find any other guides on this.
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