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  • There are a lot of game modes, with many different variables within them. Take Franchise, which allows you to play since your favorite team by having a season. Simple, right? But inside that mode, you want to play in the perspective of the owner, coach, or player, each offering a really different experience. Or there’s Madden Ultimate Team (confusingly called MUT throughout menus), a convoluted hybrid of fantasy football and trading-card game. Like the NFL itself, the fun of these everything is in the minutiae—lots of tinkering players and stats and playbooks. Madden is geared toward an incredibly specific style of player, clearly the type that buys the modern version every year.

    To its credit, the overall game makes it easy to jump in and merely play a casino game, either against some type of computer controlled team or that has a friend, online or off. We played several games in the last week, and through the time I sat down, it maybe took us just one minute before we picked teams and got a game title going. Madden is almost certainly very good at ensuring if all that's necessary to do is play a game title, you can do that
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