Movable between characters around Maplestory 2


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  • December 05, 2018 - December 31, 2018 ((GMT+01:00) Rome)
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  • Once the Mobile Mansion reaches level 6, the Mobile Mansion goes from temporary to permanent.

    Decorations can often spice up the Mobile Mansion! Obtain decorations by doing any from the following:
    Defeating bosses

    Defeating Elite monsters and bosses
    Defeating Inferno Wolf

    Hunting monsters in your level range (20 levels below and 20 levels above)

    Completing theme dungeons
    Completing Dimension Invasion and FriendStory


    2x EXP Coupon (15 Min) (x7): Movable between characters about the same world, 14-day duration.
    Selective 4 Slot Coupon (x3): Movable between characters around the same world, 14-day duration.
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