Combination of Maplestory 2 live server structure


  • Public
  • November 08, 2018 - November 30, 2018 ((GMT+01:00) Rome)
  • CA

  • As really our teams worldwide worked 24 hours a day to investigate this matter, we attempted distinctive measures to mitigate the issues that players were experiencing.

    These included changes to reduce the load being put on both our game databases and network controllers.

    We also had to temporarily revert several of the player requested features that any of us added in our v188 Tune Up update to help you identify the possible cause of the issues.

    Due to the unique mixture of our live server structure, public network environment, and big amount of players, it truly is - from time to time - tricky to fully predict how these changes could affect the situation.

    We understand that it can be extremely frustrating to find out multiple maintenances nevertheless experience the same instability issues, but the changes allow our teams to rule out possible causes and narrow our focus a little more forward to get more detailed a final resolution.

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