MapleStory M downloads over 3 million, earning # 1 in 7 days


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  • August 10, 2018 10:30 AM - August 31, 2018 11:30 PM ((GMT+01:00) Rome)
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  • The game also won the top. In game mode, the highest revenue earner in the Google Play Store was Singapore's second highest earner, the second highest earner in Taiwan, the fourth highest earner in Malaysia, and the sixth highest earner in Thailand.

    In the United States The game ranked the 45th highest ranked game and Top 3 ranks on Maplestory M Mesos . The Google Play Store is no less. Sequel to the highest ranked game ranked 46 and Top 3 RPG.

    MapleStory M Celebrates 3 Million Downloads Make the most of your fun activities. All of the rainforest winners. Receive inbox From now until August 11th (13.59am), the mappers who log in to the game during the event will receive 10 Orange EXP Increase Tickets (15 MINS), MP Potions v4.0 300 Bottle and HP Potions v4.0 300 bottles added.

    For anyone who is a PC MapleStory player, do not just go away. We also have some great prizes to be able to join the special event to receive a gift coupon for MapleStory M at the website:
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